Successful Dog Bathing Ideas and Tips

March 22nd, 2016

Most dog owners are unsure as to whether it is possible for them to wash their dog without much fuss. In some cases, people to ensure that they don’t need to deal with the mess and the fuss choose to take their pet to a dog parlour. It is an excellent idea if you have purchased a new dog and willing to give it a sophisticated bath. There are several dog parlours and bathing shops established today that make life easier for dog lovers.

The professional dog caretakers know the psychology and mentality of dog. They easily get accustomed to their client’s dog. Dogs are intelligent creatures. It gets adapted to new people in quick time. The professional dog cleaners speak to them and treat them like humans. If you are decide against the parlour option and are considering bathing & grooming your dog by yourself, you have to read the following tips and suggestions.

Decide how you intend to go about it
Personality traits and timing is important. You have to see whether you are available to clean the dog. You have to choose the right timing as per your dog’s mood. Think how your dog might react, if you are taking it to bathe at a specific time. If you are person who can do anything at any time, you have to select a convenient time for your dog. Ensure to accomplish your tasks in a systematic and schedule manner before starting the cleaning task. If you start the grooming task by leaving your routine work midway, you may not be able to do justice to both!

For extroverted, fun loving and social masters
Your dog will enjoy physical activity if you are a person who enjoys indulging in physical activity, it is best to take your dog with you for exercise before a bath. It would feel bathing as a total refreshing activity especially after exercise. It refreshes and makes it more energetic. You can make it run on a long walking path or in a large beach area.

You can play with it affectionately. It is the right way to indulge your dog before bathing. You can select muddy places to run. It will socialize and enjoy remaining outside. The dogs spend its reserved energy while indulging in fun activities. You can also allow children to play with it before sleep time.

If you are person who loves to exercise, you can do workout with your dog. It is recommended before taking your pet to a professional setting or in your tub. You have to keep your dog under control and restrained. Your dog may have the best friendly intentions but still you need to keep it in control. At times, it may forget basic discipline and acts like it has a mind on its own.

For inactive or non-social masters
If you do not interact much with social groups or community, you have to take your dog for regular walking. When it accompanies you for walking, the wandering helps to lessen excess stress or tension for both the dog and its master. Walking helps to get rid of hectic energies. When it is given a bath after walking, since the urge to give out energy is minimised, you may find it easier. Exercise is important for a dog just like humans. If your dog is highly nervous, ensure to take for walking every day.

How To Choose The Right Breed For Your Home

February 25th, 2016

If you are thinking to purchase a dog for your home or apartment, you need to think about various factors. Most people buy looking at its beauty and appearance. They would feel hard to maintain after some time. It is best to check in advance to make your investment worthy.

Do you have an apartment, small house or big house? Do you live in a rural area, a suburban area or the city? Are you living near a mountainous or forest or the ocean or lake area? Is it a cold, hot or a place with all four seasons? Do you own a big yard, small yard or acres of land? Do you have a backyard? Is your backyard fenced? If you do not own a fenced yard, you have to take your dog for walking several times a day.

You have to consider the environment before purchasing a particular dog breed. If you are staying in an apartment, it is recommended not to purchase large breed dog or active medium dog. Since dogs require lots of exercises and running activity, breeds are destined for cold climates. It cannot survive in the heat. If you are ready to spend money to clipper down, you can think about purchasing it. Dogs that has strong prey drives like hunting and terriers dogs run off rabbits, squirrels and other prey.

If you have not fenced your backyard, there are chances for your dog to get hit by a vehicle or get lost.

Consider your existing family situation
Are you planning for a kid? Do you have a small baby in your home? Do you have teenagers, small children or old people in your home? Are you a couple or single person living alone? Are you a person who travel often? If you are traveling, you need to make suitable arrangement for your dog. It is hard to take it along everywhere you go. Do you invite guests to your home frequently? If you purchase a giant breed, it will surely interact and greet the guest.

There are several wonderful breeds suitable for family with children or single person. Most people like Golden Retrievers as it is tolerant than other breeds. Some breeds do not wish to live in a home with children under eight year’s age. It will be fragile and delicate.

Type of personality
What kinds of personality you have? Well, you need to look your personality to purchase a pet for your home. Different people have diverse personalities. It applies to dog too. Dogs and people can be quiet, calm, energetic, inquisitive, thoughtful, talkative, aggressive, shy, assertive, outgoing, etc. Some howl and some bark more than others.

If a person is a calm and shy type, he/she would not wish to mingle with highly energetic people. Most active people will join with groups that have the same energetic level. When you choose a dog with excellent energy levels, it can enjoy your activities and you can enjoy its activities.

A couch potato kind of dog is suitable for couch potato kind of person. If you are purchasing for protecting your home, you have to buy a bigger breed.

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