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Tips For Cleaning Your Pet Rat’s Cage

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017


Rats are adorable creatures and make lovely pets. It is our responsibility to take care of their feeding, cleaning and playing needs. A rat’s cage is their home, where they spend maximum hours of the day. Apart from ensuring their comfort with a straw bedding, it is equally important to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of their habitat. You can find various bits of valuable advice and discussion online in places like Rat Central Twitter where you can share your problems and information regarding their care with other rat lovers. You can also find various accessories and disinfectants varieties on online pet shops like

There is a different type of cleaning which depends upon the thoroughness.

Deep cleaning
This process involves completely disassembling the cage and washing all the components properly in running water. You may first need to remove the mesh flooring then wipe all bars and bottom exterior of the cage using diluted beach with the help of rubber gloves and dry rag. Next, rinse it under flowing water, cleaning away all the dirt particles stuck in the wire slots. The other components like toys, litter box, feeding bowl and water bowl should be soaked in bleach water for some time and then dried using a clean cloth. The bedding and hammocks should be washed with detergent or laundered. This is a time consuming process and doing it once a month is good enough.

Weekly cleaning
This is not as extensive as deep cleaning but is necessary to clean and replace the litter box. A few right choices when choosing the stuff for their cage can help you keep away smell and dirt for a little longer. Fancy cage flooring like fleece lining may be comfy to their small feet but is very difficult to clean. Therefore, using pine cedar shavings is preferable. If your rats tend to dirty their litter box quickly, think of buying a pooper scooper, which is used to scoop the litter from the box. Keeping vinegar and distilled water solution handy in a spray bottle can be used to wipe off the dirt in and around the cage to provide dust-free air. This also reduces the putrid odor. Another homemade hack to reduce the smell is to keep an open box of baking soda near the cage, which will absorb any stink in the air in and around the cage.

Daily cleaning
Merely wiping off the flooring and bars of the cage with baby wipes may do the trick on a daily basis. It is appropriate to remove some of the litter if there is any bad odor.

Some of the dangers of a dirty cage can adversely affect the health of your rats. As soon as the rat urinates, the bacterial development turns it into ammonia, and inhaling ammonia may cause the respiratory problem in your rat. Additionally, a bacterially infected cage flooring may cause various critical illness in your pet. Therefore, timely cleaning of cages is essential to ensure your pet enjoys a healthy, fulfilling time in its habitat.

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